By the Numbers

120 Project – a social justice arts activism platform based on the ideals and national holidays of 1/20/09 and 1/20/17 when newly inaugurated presidents pledged to unify our citizens, reconcile our differences, and deepen our bonds to each other.

6,592 miles traveled in 28 days to delve into critical issues important to folks around the country

43 Interviews with stakeholders and organizations to learn about community-based practices and the work people are doing all over the country to address public lands, gun control, clean water, voter registration, immigration, racism, revisionist history, empowerment curriculum, arts education, religion, interfaith partnerships, the prison-industrial complex, arts for all, cultural capital, affordable housing, human trafficking, arts activism, white privilege, the safety pin problem, social circus, social justice initiatives, and whether any of this work matters.

19 States as we drove through beautiful America’s natural resources and erected monuments that will be affected by our inactions. 19 States where we learned about the problems of monetizing public lands, the systemic racism of public monuments, the power of the pen on the side of the road, the commitment to religious values, the commitment to radical activism, the entrenched divides and quieted conversations, and the urgent need across state lines to connect with like-minded folks and dialogue with those of differing views.

6 Deep-Dives into Cities where we learned about issues important to local residents and how landmark court cases, municipal decisions,  and collaborative efforts affect all of us.

$7,000 Raised to cover traveling to stakeholders, camera and audio equipment rental, publishing costs, art supplies for community workshops, facilitator fees for community dialogue, Kickstarter fees, shipping costs for rewards

90 Kickstarter Patrons who helped make this project possible and who will be proud recipients of 120 Project swag, along with the documentary and comic book anthology. THANK YOU!